The integrity of electric distribution systems is essential – and subject to the perils of weather, natural wear, outages and obsolescence. United Utility companies stand ready to ensure the reliability of your powerline system with installation, repair, and maintenance services. We have more than 80 years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining overhead and underground power systems and transformers, ranging from residential service through 34.5kV distribution systems.

Our specialized expertise in maintaining, installing and repairing underground powerline systems and transformers encompasses 4kV and 13kV networks. Complex underground distribution networks demand a highly skilled workforce and specialized expertise and resources. Our team is trained to recognized potential and existing hazards and work safely around energized circuits in confined spaces.

We’re experienced in overhead and underground powerline systems and transformers and are able to terminate and splice distribution cables as they transition from overhead to underground.

We ensure that all team members receive appropriate training and apprenticeship and are skilled in identifying and safely addressing system threats.

We have the personnel and equipment to perform the following powerline and transformer installation, repairs, maintenance, and other distribution work:

  • Overhead and underground line construction
  • Pole replacements/transfers
  • Rebuild/reconductor
  • Installation and changeout of overhead, underground and pad-mounted transformers, capacitors and switchgear
  • Underground residential distribution, service connections and smart meter installation
  • Make-ready for communication work
  • Fault repair of primary and secondary
  • Radio and antenna installations and changeouts
  • Emergency storm response
  • Program / project management