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United Utility companies lead the electrical contractor industry in the highly specialized installation, maintenance and repair of underground high voltage cable transmission systems. Our clients include the nation’s foremost electric utility companies and independent power producers, and we offer turnkey services on all types of new projects and emergency response. We approach every underground cable installation, repair, and maintenance project from the vantage point of specific needs, challenges, desired outcomes and operating standards.

Our companies are one of the very few underground transmission contractors that has installed, repaired, maintained and serviced all types of underground power and pipe cable systems, ranging from superconductors, extruded systems and everything in between. Our fleet of dedicated underground equipment includes winch trucks, splice vans, XLPE splice tools, vacuum pumps, high definition cameras for inspecting pipes and probes that provide X, Y and Z coordinates – all operated by experienced, highly-trained personnel.

Our complete-scope expertise allows us to provide a full range of installation, repair, and maintenance services on underground cable systems:

  • XLPE Cable Systems
  • High-Pressure Fluid Filled and Gas Filled Pipe-Type Cable
  • Low and Medium Pressure Self-Contained Cable Systems
  • Submarine Pipe-Type Cable Systems and Submarine Armored Self-Contained Cable Systems
  • EPR
  • Superconductor
  • Compressed Gas Insulated Systems
  • Maintenance and Emergency Response Contracts


The integrity of electric distribution systems is essential – and subject to the perils of weather, natural wear, outages and obsolescence. United Utility companies stand ready to ensure the reliability of your powerline system with installation, repair, and maintenance services. We have more than 80 years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining overhead and underground power systems and transformers, ranging from residential service through 34.5kV distribution systems.

Our specialized expertise in maintaining, installing and repairing underground powerline systems and transformers encompasses 4kV and 13kV networks. Complex underground distribution networks demand a highly skilled workforce and specialized expertise and resources. Our teams are trained to recognized potential and existing hazards and work safely around energized circuits in confined spaces.

We’re experienced in overhead and underground powerline systems and transformers and are able to terminate and splice distribution cables as they transition from overhead to underground.

We ensure that all team members receive appropriate training and apprenticeship and are skilled in identifying and safely addressing system threats.

We have the personnel and equipment to perform the following powerline and transformer installation, repairs, maintenance, and other distribution work:

  • Overhead and underground line construction
  • Pole replacements/transfers
  • Rebuild/reconductor
  • Installation and changeout of overhead, underground and pad-mounted transformers, capacitors and switchgear
  • Underground residential distribution, service connections and smart meter installation
  • Make-ready for communication work
  • Fault repair of primary and secondary
  • Radio and antenna installations and changeouts
  • Emergency storm response
  • Program / project management


Street lighting and traffic control infrastructure installation and repairs keep communities safe and on the go. United Utility companies are a trusted resource in that important mission.

We serve satisfied state, county, municipal and independent utility company clients across North America, and provide tailored solutions to meet unique needs. We offer turnkey services on all types of new projects, as well as the full range of emergency response services (fault locate, excavation, procurement of repair materials, rehab and maintenance) for all types of street lighting assets, including alleys, streets, highways, underpasses, tunnels, bridges, navigational lighting and overhead guide sign lights.

We have personnel experienced in all the following street lighting, cable & traffic control systems, & public electrical utilities:

  • Installation and asset management of public, private and municipal street light pole systems
  • Fiber optic wire installations
  • Energy-efficient lighting systems
  • Electrical wire installations for commercial lighting
  • Pole Installations (wood, fiberglass, cast iron, metal)
  • LED conversion upgrades
  • Geographical Information Systems / Sub-Meter Data Collection (GIS / ARC)
  • Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)
  • Asset management, maintenance and emergency response


Our subsidiaries provide services to various Investor Owned Utilities, Municipalities, and Electric Cooperatives by building and maintaining substations throughout the country. Our experienced crews are capable of building bid projects, turnkey projects, or working directly for you as a dedicated contractor on your system in construction and maintenance. Our substation crews are tooled and equipped with everything they need to get the job done effectively and efficiently. You can feel confident that whatever your substation needs are, we can provide you with a safe and quality, on-time solution.

Turnkey Substation Construction and Maintenance:

  • Installation of all Substation Components
  • Installation and Termination of Control Cable
  • Relay and Controls Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Replacement of Breakers, Switches, Transformers and other Components
  • Full Spectrum Lighting Division for all Sub Lighting Needs
  • Ground Grid Installation
  • Drill Shaft Foundations with capabilities of Slurry and Caissons
  • Finished Foundations
  • Cable Trench, Duct Bank and Conduit Runs
  • Installation of Self-Supporting Concrete Poles
  • Fencing Installation
  • Rock or Surface Treatment


Customers rely upon United Utility companies to be first responders in the midst of natural disasters or severe weather events. After a catastrophic storm, damage to electrical systems is often extensive. Our experienced crews and management know first-hand what it takes to get the lights back on in this time of need. We are on call 24/7/365 to respond to any storm restoration needs throughout the United States.

We have the equipment to access the most rigorous off-road locations and our number one goal is to work safely while getting critical infrastructure rebuilt and back online for our customers.



  • Underground “Make Ready” for Fiber Optic and Cable Installations
  • Installation of Inner Duct, Fiber Optic Cable and Power Supplies
  • Overhead line construction


  • Relay Calibration, Testing & Commissioning
  • SCADA/RTU installation
  • Protection and Control panel design/manufacturing/testing
  • Construction Project Management
  • AC/DC Hi-Potential Testing
  • Control circuit verification and trip testing
  • Circuit Breaker & Switch Testing
  • Control System Acceptance Testing
  • End-to-End Line Relay Schemes
  • Instrument Transformers & Medium Voltage Switchgear Testing
  • Primary & Secondary Injection Circuit Testing
  • Power Factor testing