United Utility is a multi-faceted utility services company focused on delivering exceptional customer service to our utility customers. We are committed to expanding opportunities, fueling growth and creating value for those we serve with innovations to the underground power transmission and distribution services, gas and pipeline delivery systems, telecommunication, and water distribution.

To build a high-performing portfolio of service providers dedicated to addressing the opportunities, challenges and shifting dynamics facing North America’s utility sector.

  • By bringing together the very best utility installation and service providers, United Utility Services brings power, electric utility, and cable system solutions to customers … value to investors …. and opportunity and growth to our team.
  • We serve North America’s utility and infrastructure sector through a growing network of partner companies with specialized expertise in electric transmission, distribution and related fields.
  • We provide a solid, sustaining growth platform for power and electric utility service companies to solve current and emergent transmission, distribution and related infrastructure challenges.

Our values guide our actions, inform our decisions and shape our future as a power, utility, and cable system installation, maintenance, and management company.

  • Safety – We care about our teammates, customers, communities, and public – and we work every day to keep them safe.
  • Collaboration – United Utility Services is a collaborative enterprise. We connect, we share, we leverage our strengths during every power, electric utility, and cable system installation.
  • Respect – We demonstrate respect in all interactions and relationships. We earn respect by being honest, authentic and accountable.
  • Diversity. We value diverse perspectives and backgrounds and are inclusive to all.
  • Results – United Utility Services delivers real results in the cable system, power, and electric utility installation and service industry. We keep our word. We make a difference.